Let me be short and not take too much of your time: I truly love photography in many disciplines. Weddings had my heart but I am getting older and am not so flexible in my knees anymore:-) therefore I have to let go on weddings and remember the ones I did with a smile.

Business photography I find a challenge I like to take on and then there is nature photography. The latter is what I do most of the time now and once a year when we have the Hobby & Kunst Fair in Enkhuizen I sell my photography nicely printed on high quality cards. I keep them to a limited edition so you know you have something special.

I am not in business anymore, but feel free to ask anyway.

Enjoy your day, thank you for showing interest,

kind regards,


Kaarten van mijn fotografie of met mijn aquarel tekeningen zijn nu ook te koop bij;


De Bosmantel, Cornelis Kuinweg 22, Andijk

Gold Award The Societies Professional Image makers

Wildlife (2013)


over 750 Top Classifications world wide


Contest Finalist numerous times in international competitions

Chosen by Canon (2014) image of Japanese Monkeys for their competition banner (US)