After many many years of photographing weddings I feel the desire to change into a different direction. Not sure yet if it is going to be nature or industrial. Yes I know, quite a contrast, so maybe nature AND industrial!

A few interesting projects came my way, like a fantasy piece of art, starting with photography, totally manipulated with layers over layers over layers. That art work was commissioned by a dentist in London. He was so pleased he even ordered a second one.

Another project that I truly liked is finding in all my photos the ones that would fit into a garden house but also would illustrate: wind, water and a sense of freedom.


The garden by itself can be pretty and challinging too and very exciting in all the macro beauties.


And as a contrast there is this commission I did for engineers, extremely industrial, to lighten up their office. I was hyper for days when photographing bolts, screws and machinery and just crawling under and into huge machines. Absolute heaven and fun!

Photographing wedding cakes for a lady with a devine creative gift of making them, designing CD covers for a young woman with a wonderful smooth voice;

I am open to it all.

Bring it on! :-)

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Wildlife (2013)


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Chosen by Canon (2014) image of Japanese Monkeys for their competition banner (US)

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